Ultralingua espanol-ingles


Alphanumeric modular Spanish-English dictionary


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Ultralingua is a modular dictionary program that allows you to add packs or modules that increase the amount of languages it supports. This version includes a very complete Spanish-English dictionary.

The mechanics are simple: enter a word in Spanish and the dictionary will display the equivalent entry in English. If it doesn't find it in the database, it will display the closest result. It also includes an interesting numerical translator that transforms the entered digit into its English representation in prose.

Other exciting features are the ability to always keep the program visible on the screen and the capability of searching authentic examples in the browser.

This dictionary's features are the following:

- Hundreds of colloquial entries and common expressions.

- Complete conjugation of verb forms.

-Ability to interact with other programs such as web browsers.

20-day limit shareware version

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